The P.L.A.Y. Academy

P.L.A.Y. is not better than any other basketball program. We are just in a class by ourselves.


You have a better chance of becoming a doctor, entrepreneur, lawyer, engineer, computer or communication analyst than becoming a professional basketball player.

At P.L.A.Y. summer session, you'll also play basketball—from morning workouts to individual skills training, to competitive games. This program is designed for any individual who is inspired to become a better basketball player. We specialize in basketball skills development in dribbling, moves with the dribble, shooting, shooting off the move, rebounding, passing, baby hooks, reverse lay-up, jump hook, boxing out, person to person defense, back to basket low post moves, post defense, and making good decisions under high pressure situations.

We’re dedicated to providing you withthe academic, athletic and personal skills needed to turn a collegiate experience into a college degree. Our program is free to all participants and consists of two parts: 15-day summer session and a 5 year round follow-up program. The summer session combines intensive academic and athletic training—including academic core study and note taking workshops, life-long skills and SAT/ACT preparation. The follow-up tracks both academic progress and life skills development for 5-years or until you graduate from college depending on which one comes first.