The P.L.A.Y. Academy

Testimonials: what kids are saying about P.L.A.Y.

“At school, I never really studied as hard as I could because I was always thinking about how and what I could do to make my game better. Every chance I got I'd work on my game, but going to P.L.A.Y. made me realize that if I wanted to get to the next level, I had to be a good student. Studying was fun at P.L.A.Y., my SAT score increased by 200 points. The lectures were very inspiring and life skills class taught me lessons on how to be a successful black man in society.” -Cecil Gresham

“I went to P.L.A.Y. with an open attitude and tried to be as open to positive criticism as possible. I had the desire to improve in all arenas in my life. Thank you for the opportunity to do just that and to be coached and mentored by such an amazing, talented and dedicated staff. I can confidently say that for the rest of my life, everyday I will use something that I learned at P.L.A.Y.” -Jonah Herscu

“Everyone that I met at the P.L.A.Y. Academy gave me something of value. The instructors, speakers, coaches and players that I met in those two weeks helped me to realize that there are no limits. I know that my experience at the P.L.A.Y. Academy has motivated me to continue to set my goals at the highest levels.” -Ricardo Rush Jr

“First off, I would like to truly thank you for the opportunity you gave me by inviting and bringing me to P.L.A.Y. this summer. It was one of the best basketball experiences of my life and I really enjoyed it. The basketball was the best competition I have played against, and the academics really helped me with the SATs. Being at P.L.A.Y. this summer helped me tremendously to get me where I am today.” -Tyler Price

“The most impressive part of P.L.A.Y. for me was the learning experiences that were presented to me. Not only the SAT prep classes, which helped me obtain my current score of 1970 combined between three categories, but also the presenter who spoke to us gave us information to take with us and apply in real life. In all seriousness, P.L.A.Y. has profoundly influenced my life.” -James Williamson

“I found P.L.A.Y. to be an experience of a lifetime. The great thing about P.L.A.Y. is that the coaches, teachers, and presenters are there to help you become a better basketball player and a better person.” -Derek Conz

“I would like to thank you for last year's P.L.A.Y. experience. Not only did I improve my game and SAT efficiency, but it also aided me in my passage into becoming a man.” -Malcolm Brown

“Because of my experience at P.L.A.Y., I turned a bad situation at Eastern and made it into the best possible one I could have by winning MVP. I also want to thank all the SAT prep teachers. I improved my score to a combined 1790.” -Jason Dawson

“I would like to thank you for giving me a chance to experience your camp. The camp was the best camp I ever attended. I also had a chance to attend the Five-Star camp this past summer, their camp and staff were no comparison to the P.L.A.Y. camp. At the beginning of camp my SAT score was 1340. I gained 240 points after I took it the first time.” -Isiah Wallace

“Our son Matt who has attended numerous camps throughout the United States came home from Massachusetts and reported P.L.A.Y. Academy was the best experience he had ever had in is life.” -Greg and Kathryn Zaney

“Of the three camps Shaie attended this summer (Five Star and Eastern Invitational) he calls P.L.A.Y. the Roles Royce of the group.” -Ed Pinckney

“Brandon is still excited about improving over 450 points on his SAT score while at camp. The lectures he received on nutrition and finances impacted him in a very positive way. He is more conscientious about what he puts into his body and talks about saving for his future.” -Sarah Patterson

“I thank God for P.L.A.Y. and the people within this organization. P.L.A.Y. has given me a foundation to turn my life around...all of the pieces are there but it's on me to decide if I want to put those pieces together. P.L.A.Y. is for every troubled kid who thinks he knows too much to listen!” -Steven McNease

“I'm writing this letter to inform you about my experience at P.L.A.Y. and how it has changed my life. For example, the lecture about HIV and AIDS, the lecture on note taking skills and how to write a good college paper, and also the lectures on the skills of basketball like ball handling and the art of shooting, just to name a few.” -Tim Zoll

“At P.L.A.Y. I was able to get to know each and every camper and coach. I have been to many camps over the past five years and P.L.A.Y. just has something special about it that none of the other camps have.” -Ray Witkos

“Coach, I just want you to know that being at P.L.A.Y. camp has been the four best weeks of my life (I really mean that) the two years I've been at camp I think I've learned more basketball from you and the staff than I ever could at any other camp.” -Nick Tokarski

“I have gotten so much out of P.L.A.Y. and then some. I am more fundamentally sound as well as prepared to take the ACT now.” -Levi Smith

“The program of P.L.A.Y. taught me to be a responsible young man with whatever I do in life. Even though I was going through my drama, I knew P.L.A.Y. was going to help me more than any camp basketball wise, but most important academically.” -Jared Green